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(Revised February 1994)

The organisation will be known as the WALSWORTH FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION

The aims of the association will be…..
a. To promote a day of entertainment and enjoyment.
b. To encourage community spirit amongst children and adults alike,
c. To give Walsworth organisations and others the chance to work together for the benefit of the local community as well as for
d. To be FUN raising not necessarily FUND raising.

Any excess monies, after all expenses have been paid, and allowances made or the financing of the next Walsworth Festival, may be donated to local causes and/or charities of the current committees choice.

a. That the committee, which will consist of a chairman, Treasurer,
Secretary and Vice Chairman and up to 8 others, stand for election at the annual general meeting.
b. That a QUORUM comprise of 4 committee members of which 3 will be
c. That all members of the committee upon retiring shall be eligible
for re-election.
d. That the committee shall meet once a month or as necessary.

Meetings shall be open to all but voting will be allowed by committee members only.

All matters regarding the Walsworth Festival shall be the decision of the committee only.

a. The monies of the Association shall be administered by the
committee. Such monies shall be kept in a bank account in the name of the Association and any cheques drawn on the account shall be signed by two of the following – TREASURER, CHAIRMAN or
b. A financial statement shall be presented to the committee as soon
after the FESTIVAL as the Treasurer can prepare it.
c. The financial year of the Association shall end on the 31st July.
d. The accounts of the Association shall be audited by persons
independent of the committee as soon as possible after the 31st July and not later than the A.G.M.

a. The Annual General Meeting of the Association is to be held as soon
as possible after the Festival date but not later than September.
b. Extraordinary Annual General Meetings can be called with at least
14 days notice to the committee.

In the event of the WALSWORTH FESTIVAL being discontinued, and the Association being wound up, and after a period of three years, all outstanding monies after all debts have been paid, shall be distributed to local charities, at the discretion of the trustees. Three independent trustees to be appointed by the committee.

Any proposed amendments to the constitution to be given in writing to the SECRETARY at least 28 days before the A.G.M. and any amendment to the constitution will be decided by not less than a two thirds majority of the committee present at the A.G.M.

21st February, 1994